Don’t you want your pants on the new loan after the conversion?

In the middle of next year, the forint market conversion of foreign currency loans may arrive. Banks will be required to provide trigger loans to debtors, but they can target customers of other banks with a competitive product. Only those who are considered good debtors by credit institutions can get good loans. It is a good idea to get ready right now to get started in the best possible conditions. More information at

The most important thing is to pay the installments exactly up to forint.

The most important thing is to pay the installments exactly up to forint.

Anyone who is added to the BAR list (new KHR) will certainly not be released for a year and thus have almost zero chance of getting a favorable trigger loan from a bank. Those who are behind should settle them as soon as possible. When settling the exchange rate gap and unauthorized interest rate increases, these debts are first reduced, but those who have been in arrears with their bank for several months will try to settle their arrears before making payments in January and February.

Get rid of your debts

A good debtor has no other debts. Before you apply for a loan, it is worth paying off your personal loans, trade loans, etc. Credit cards are also returned to our bank, as the credit line is also assessed as a debt at the time of the credit assessment, even though we will not use it.

The higher your income counts

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In any case, it is an advantage to be registered for our real income. The higher the amount we get, the better our chances are. Keep in mind that at least 3 months’ declared employment is required to borrow, so don’t switch jobs at the last minute. For debtors, consolidated income counts. In addition, many people have changed their net worth in recent years since taking out foreign currency loans, as banks take into account family tax breaks. A word like a hundred: Let’s fix our finances before we apply for a new forint loan.

Include a co-debtor and extra cover

For many, their real estate collateral is no longer sufficient to raise a larger amount of credit, as home prices have plummeted and equity debt has risen. It’s worthwhile to be prepared for the fact that you may need extra cover when applying for a loan. With a co-debtor, you can increase your disposable income, which can also come in handy.

Switching banks is also easy

We do not have to stick to our old bank when redeeming. Indeed. When we get rid of our debt, we have almost nothing to do with the old credit institution, and we can get more discounts than the new one by transferring our payment there and becoming an active bank customer.


It’s worth starting in small banks


Market based forint conversion primarily favors small banks, as they do not have foreign currency loans and are interested in hitting good customers. Only their capital and resources can hinder bids, and it will be worth hitting fast for the best interest. You can compare the banks at any time on BankRáció.hu.