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There is usually a considerable amount of time between applying for and deciding on the approval of a loan.
This is because banks and credit institutions usually need time to clarify any issues that arise in connection with a loan application.

These include, for example, the recording of the financial situation of the applicant or the formulation of the purpose for which the loan is to be used.
Because many banks want to know what the loan is used for. This “purpose” often has a decisive influence on the approval of a loan. Approved loans are then usually tied to this pre-formulated purpose.

Such processes mean that deciding on a loan application can sometimes take a long time.
Time that a spontaneously needy person usually does not have!

Applying for an urgent loan makes sense if a larger sum of money is needed for spontaneously and unexpectedly incurred costs.

The express loan

The express loan

As the name implies, emergency credit is the tool of choice in such situations. Many banks offer emergency loans. The requested amount of money can be received in a few days on the own account with approval.

A prerequisite for this quick check of a loan application is a certain willingness to provide information from the applicant, but this is also necessary for every other loan application.

However, in the case of an emergency loan, the data requested in the self-disclosure is usually of a different quality when it comes to applying for a regular installment loan.
Credit institutions attach more importance to hard, meaningful facts. These include, for example, the extent of their own income, the monthly expenses and the current debt.

More detailed information such as the applicant’s frame conditions and contextual factors is of secondary importance. Simple and simple with the goal of saving time.

As a rule, the applicant receives an acceptance or refusal after just a few days. Subsequently, the last data will be checked. Even if everything is correct here, nothing more stands in the way of providing the loan amount.
The urgent loan has a big advantage and a big disadvantage:

Advantages and disadvantages of the express credit

Advantages and disadvantages of the express credit

  • The loan amount can be provided within a short time.
  • The criteria that determine the credit approval are tough and factual leaving little room for negotiation.


An early loan is helpful when urgent financial assistance is needed. Those who have no noteworthy debts and have regular income can usually receive an emergency loan.
The somewhat rigorous credit application review saves time and can therefore be accepted.

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